Interstate Lift is a Member of the Automotive Lift Institute and has 40 models that have been ALI/ETL Certified.


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Interstate Lift and Equipment Company, Inc.

is a leading manufacturer of mobile column vehicle lifting systems and offers a full line of systems that are the safest, most reliable, and easiest to operate on the market today. Our capacities range from 12,000 lbs per column up to 40,000 lbs per column and everywhere in between, allowing us to offer the most flexible systems available.

The Patriot M-Series was designed with the user in mind. An All-Star Team of the Lifting Industry's top sales and service people, along with the best engineering people, came together to bring to you the safest, most reliable, and most simplistic Heavy Duty Mobile Column Lifting System in the industry today.

Our controls boxes use 80% less electrical components than any other Mobile Column Lift on the market today. All of the Patriot M-Series Lifts uses Siemens Electrical Parts than can be purchased at almost any electrical warehouse around the Nation. The entire Patriot Lifting System is manufactured in North America. What this means to you as a consumer is; No waiting on parts to come from overseas; No out of stock items; Electrical components that you can purchase direct from any Siemens Electrical store or warehouse; Made with American Steel and American Electrical Components; Availability within days instead of months; Factory trained service team that visit the factory regularly for updates and new training; Engineering to meet your needs, We will build to meet your specifications.

The Patriot M-Series Mobile Column Lifting System has all the features any Mobile Lift Should Have. Our simplistic controls allow it to be user friendly to save time and frustration. In our quest to design the perfect Mobile Column Lift, we have found that people are tired of the slow lifting and costly maintenance and repairs of the screw operated lifts. We have heard all of the complaints about the other hydraulic lift manufactures complicated controls, which use reference buttons to run the lift in paired or single mode. Other hydraulic mobile column lift manufacturers invert their cylinder casings within the columns which exposes the cylinder to the surrounding environment. Some manufactures even take the risk of mounting their cylinders inverted with only a snap ring to hold the cylinder to the bottom of the column The Patriot M-Series has the cylinder casing mounted directly to the base of the column which allows the cylinder to be protected by the lifting carriage at any height.

The design of the Patriot M-Series started at step one by following the guidelines to design the type of lift that would replace the existing troublesome Mobile Column Lifts and Revolutionize the industry. Our Mobile Lifting systems are the fastest and smoothest lifts available. We are so confident in these statements that we provide our prospective customers with on site demonstrations to show them the advantages of using the Patriot M-Series Mobile Lifting System and we stand behind it with an unbeatable warranty and an immediate response service team. So whether you are lifting light duty dump trucks and buses or lifting heavy duty machinery or rail cars, Interstate Lift has the right M-Series Electric / Hydraulic Mobile Column Lift for you.


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