Interstate Lift is a Member of the Automotive Lift Institute and has 40 models that have been ALI/ETL Certified.


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ILTJ-4000 Transmission Jack
ILTJ-4000 Air/Hyd High Lift Transmission Jack

The ILTJ-4000 Transmission Jack is designed to remove and replace the heaviest components from underneath the vehicle.  With a 4,000 lb capacity, and heavy duty design, transmissions and other components can be changed out safely and efficiently.

ILAH-53 Air/Hyd High Lift Wheel Dolly
ILAH-53 High Lift Wheel Dolly

The ILAH-53 Wheel Dolly is designed to remove single and dual wheel bus and truck tires with or without the brake drum attached.  With its open back it is perfect for accessing the lug nuts and cones.

IL-18T Hight Lift 18 ton Capacity Support Stands
IL-18T 18-Ton Capacity Tripod Style Support Stand

The IL-18T Support Stand is designed to be used to support raised heavy duty vehicles, to facilitate maintenance and inspection procedures. The support stand is designed to be used in sets of 4, 6 or 8 and must be placed under a level, raised vehicle, at the support points designated by the vehicle manufacturer.


The IL-18TS is a shorter version of the IL-18T which can be manufactured to your specifications for maximum and minimum height.

MR-BA Front and Rear Adapters
MR-BA Front and Rear Adapters

The MR-BA Front and Rear Adapters are designed to lift HMMWV's and Automobiles from the front and rear by the bumper or the frame for wheels free lifting.  Our MR-BA Adapter is ALI/ETL Certified.

MS-TFA Truck Frame Adapters
MS-TFA Truck Frame Adapters

The MS-TFA Truck Frame Adapters is designed to use 2 columns to lift trucks and cars from the sides.  A set of MS-TFA Adapters can turn your Patriot Mobile Column Lift into a mobile 2 post lift.

MR-BA Front and Rear Adapter Cart
MR-BA Cart

The MR-BA Front and Rear Adapter Cart is designed to store your MR-BA Front and Rear Adapters when not in use..

MS-CLB Chassis Lifting Beam
MR-BA Front and Rear Adapters

The MS-CLB Chassis Lifting Beam is designed to lift vehicle by the chassis to facilitate wheels free lifting. With a capacity of 36,000 lbs the chassis beam rolls into place underneath the vehicle. The lifting columns are positioned at each end of the beam. The 2 moveable saddle adapters are slid into place as to make contact with the proper lifting point before the vehicle is lifted.

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